Stargate: Atlantis

McKay and Mrs. Miller - S3-E8

Audio problem: McKay is talking to Sheppard about the differences between himself and Rod, and at one point says that maybe Rod screwed up and was chosen for "a one-way ticket to another universe", yet his lips form the word 'galaxy'.

Hot Zone - S1-E13

Audio problem: In the scene in the hallway when Sheppard and Teyla are dressed in hazmat suits and talking to Dr Weir via the intercom, you can see a reflection in Teyla's helmet of Sheppard's mouth moving, but there's no sound. (00:23:45)


Poisoning the Well - S1-E7

Audio problem: Teyla's audio sounds way more high pitched then normal, either dubbed or a post production mistake. (00:06:00)

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