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Lucy Fakes Illness - S1-E16

Corrected entry: When Ricky puts a green light bulb in Lucy's room, it causes her to think she has turned green. When she looks at Ricky and Fred, they look green to her as well, but Ricky and Fred claim that they do not look green to each other, so Lucy believes that she's "looking at the world through green eyeballs." Ethel is not trying to deceive Lucy, but when she returns to the room she only comments on Lucy looking green. But she should also have seen that Ricky and Fred looked green, and thus been able to expose the ruse.


Correction: Since Ethel was not in on conning Lucy, Fred said to Ricky that Ethel was going to have to get the "Go-Bloos" too. Later, he made reference to Ethel being in bed sick with the "Go-Bloos".

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The Séance - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: After Lucy tells Mr. Merriweather that he's invited to the seance, when it cuts to Lucy unfolding the card table legs, note the couch behind her with one normal seat cushion on the left, but in the next wideshot there's an additional shorter cushion under the normal cushion. The small towel also repositions itself neatly on the couch. (00:11:55)

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Trivia: Fred and Ethel's bickering relationship didn't require much acting; in real life Vivian Vance and William Frawley didn't care for each other at all.

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