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Continuity mistake: Brooke and Ridge have known each other for at least 3 years when Rick is born. Yet when Rick is 16 Brooke and Ridge talk about how it's been ten years since they met. Even given soap opera children's amazing ability to grow it's a huge mistake that they say they've only known each other ten years when it's at least nineteen.

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Plot hole: During the week of Aug. 29, Taylor catches Thomas and Gabby about to make love. She then tells Gabby that Thomas is not mature enough for a sexual relationship. First of all, Thomas and Gabby are married. Secondly, Thomas is college age and can legally have sex. And to top it off, has no one told Taylor that while she was supposedly "dead", that Thomas dated and had a sexual relationship with Amber?

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Deliberate mistake: In the episode January 2011 where Stephanie puts a slide in the living room, when Stephanie goes down it, you can see she is using a stunt double because her hair is thicker and they cover her face with her arm.

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Plot hole: Just a few years ago, Hope was five years old, but she has recently graduated high school.

Jacqueline Payne Marone: I'm trying to save her the inevitable pain of being married to yet another man who is in love with her mother.

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