The Bold and the Beautiful

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Deliberate mistake: In the episode January 2011 where Stephanie puts a slide in the living room, when Stephanie goes down it, you can see she is using a stunt double because her hair is thicker and they cover her face with her arm.

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Continuity mistake: Brooke and Ridge have known each other for at least 3 years when Rick is born. Yet when Rick is 16 Brooke and Ridge talk about how it's been ten years since they met. Even given soap opera children's amazing ability to grow it's a huge mistake that they say they've only known each other ten years when it's at least nineteen.

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Amber: We've gone from two insecure, screwed up teenagers to top of the world.

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Trivia: It's funny to note how many cast members were originally on "Sunset Beach" - another soap opera. First Amber (Tiffany on SB), then she was joined by three others when SB was cancelled. Morgan, Deacon and Kristen are to SB viewers better known as Annie, Jude and Tess.

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