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The Nanny (1993)

4 mistakes in season 4

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The Tart with Heart - S4-E1

Continuity mistake: When Fran's date Jack first enters the house, Fran closes the door behind him. A couple of shots later, the door is open and Fran is closing it again.


Me and Mrs. Joan - S4-E6

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Fran is having an intimate talk with Joan, Fran has a cookie in her left hand. Next scene it's an empty glass which she then pours a drink into, then the glass is empty and Fran again fills it. (00:14:10)


The Boca Story - S4-E25

Continuity mistake: When Fran's in the kitchen making an ice cream sundae she tops it with a lot of whip cream, but after Fran pulls a tissue out of Gracie's shirt, when she and Maxwell sit down all of the whip cream suddenly vanishes, but then it reappears.

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The Boca Story - S4-E25

Character mistake: The Sheffields are going to Miami but when they are there, Maxwell mentions having gone to Disney World on the same trip. Disney World is not in Miami, it's in Orlando.

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Niles: You know, the next time you give your clothes away, why don't you just stay in them?

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Trivia: Ann Morgan Guilbert plays Yetta Rosenberg, the mother of Sylvia Fine (Renee Taylor). In real life, Guilbert is only five years older than Taylor.

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The Producers (1) - S6-E16

Question: At the beginning of the episode, I've never got what Niles meant to this question by Fran. Does this mean he always liked C.C. or maybe that, but didn't know it? "Are you telling me all those years you put dishwasher water in her coffee, you changed her lip balm for glue stick and called her a COW you were FLIRTING?!" "What, no good?"


Chosen answer: Fran is still incredulous at the idea of Niles being in love with C.C. Niles' response is his typical sarcasm.

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