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6 mistakes in The Gym Teacher

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The Gym Teacher - S1-E19

Continuity mistake: In the second gym scene, while Fran is talking to The Gym Teacher, Maggie's arms change from being crossed to hanging at her side between shots.

The Gym Teacher - S1-E19

Continuity mistake: In the kitchen at the beginning, Fran pours milk into three glasses. After she fills the third glass, she starts to put the milk down. In the next shot, she is holding the bottle up to the glass again and pours some more milk before putting the bottle down.

The Gym Teacher - S1-E19

Continuity mistake: In the first office scene, when Fran picks up Allan Beck's resume and pages through it she is holding the pages in the middle. When the shot changes to Maxwell and he says "Yes, but I'm still flammable", watch Fran's hands in the corner of the screen. She's holding the pages by the corner.

The Gym Teacher - S1-E19

Continuity mistake: In the first gym scene, The Gym Teacher has a blue gym bag in her hands when she talks to Fran's face. When the shot changes and The Gym Teacher walks away the bag is suddenly over her shoulder.

The Gym Teacher - S1-E19

Continuity mistake: After all the actors have left Fran and Maxwell start to leave the room Fran is holding a clipboard by the side, in the middle. When they go into the hallway she is now holding it by the bottom.

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The Gym Teacher - S1-E19

Continuity mistake: In the kitchen at the beginning when they are sitting at the table Fran says "Gracie when do you come up with these things." There is a note pad with a pencil on it in front of Grace. The shot changes and Fran is holding the pencil - the next shot Grace is now holding it.

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C.C.: I feel like I have died and gone to heaven.
Niles: I have that dream, too, but you go in the other direction.

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Trivia: Ann Morgan Guilbert plays Yetta Rosenberg, the mother of Sylvia Fine (Renee Taylor). In real life, Guilbert is only five years older than Taylor.

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The Producers (1) - S6-E16

Question: At the beginning of the episode, I've never got what Niles meant to this question by Fran. Does this mean he always liked C.C. or maybe that, but didn't know it? "Are you telling me all those years you put dishwasher water in her coffee, you changed her lip balm for glue stick and called her a COW you were FLIRTING?!" "What, no good?"


Chosen answer: Fran is still incredulous at the idea of Niles being in love with C.C. Niles' response is his typical sarcasm.

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