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Corrected entry: When we watch the black and white footage of things that took place at The Centre in the past the camera angles change, cameras move and change focus as well. This implies that someone is there operating the cameras. It's highly unlikely that someone else would be allowed to be there when people are having psychiatric examinations, being murdered, making secret plans and so on. Unless the cameras had motion sensors which is unlikely for the time they were supposed to be happening.

Charles Fraser

Correction: I've noticed in a few episodes when Jarod is viewing the DSA's on his thing that there's a little ball-type thing that he uses to zoom in and out. One episode example (I think it's in the first season) is when he uses it to zoom in on Mr. Raines to read his lips (the line is "Listen to me Doctor. Tell the kid that daddy died in a plain crash. It's not exactly a lie") And besides, it's the Centre. There may be people watching them at all times.

The Agent Of Year Zero - S4-E14

Revealing mistake: During the scene when Mr. Lyle is talking to the General (butcher character), his glove that he wears on his hand is removed to make a point about his thumb having been cut off. In the next shot, we see Mr. Lyle walking around the desk and putting his glove back on, and you can see his thumb folded under his hand as if the actor was trying to hide it and did not realize it could been seen from the camera angle.

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Claire: Jarod, if you ever wanta get together, pick each other's brains, little one-on-one.
Jarod: Careful Claire, don't cross a line you can't come back from.

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Answer: Jarod was kidnapped because he is a child prodigy. A super genius, like all the other children, who were taken by the Centre. They needed him to construct improbable theories, that have world wide implications. Assassination, terrorist threats and military coupes. At first they used it to help governments, but then realised it was for their own ends. Which is why he escaped and to find his family.

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