Relic Hunter

Thank You Very Much - S1-E5

Factual error: The scenery is set in Berlin, following the 1989 Re-Union of Germany. Only thing is: the guards at the archive building use AK-47s, while after the Re-Union, the East German National People's Army and the West German Bundeswehr (Federal Defense Force) were joined - and the West Germans don't use any AKs.

Affaire de Coeur - S1-E15

Factual error: Entering the secret room in the old part of the castle, the protagonists find there the ring and a specific painting...but doing so, they casually walk in front of another painting kinda hidden in the background...a perfect copy of the uber-famous Leonardo Da Vinci painting "Lady with an Ermine"! Considering that the painting was finished in 1490, the opening caption of the episode said "1430." Even if after the incident the young lord lived into his 80s or 90s, there surely wouldn't be a perfect copy of it in his secret hideout. (00:25:40)

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Buddha's Bowl - S1-E1

Factual error: On a lorry for Lumbini, Nigel comments about this being his first day of work. Even assuming that Nigel and Sydney met first thing in the morning and they just took off for a flight that was leaving for India really soon, it is a flight that takes 17-20 hours. Even considering the time difference between "the US" (the actual location is never specified) and Bangalore (closest hub to their Nepali destination), it is really a stretch, since it's impossible that he did not sleep during the flight, and of course it's just hilarious that they'd have a chat about it only after an intercontinental flight.

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Set in Stone - S2-E21

Revealing mistake: The stunt double's wig in the sword fight at the end is messy and disheveled, yet when it cuts to a close up of Sydney, her hair is silky and flat.

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Zale: I can pay you well.
Sydney Fox: I know, but I'm priceless.

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