Relic Hunter
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Season 1
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1 Buddha's Bowl 1
2 Smoking Gun 0
3 The Headless Nun 0
4 Flag Day 0
5 Thank You Very Much 1
6 Diamond in the Rough 0
7 Transformation 0
8 Etched in Stone 0
9 The Book of Love 2
10 The Myth of the Maze 0
11 Irish Crown Affair 0
12 The Emperor's Bride 1
13 Afterlife and Death 1
14 Nine Lives 0
15 Affaire de Coeur 0
16 A Vanishing Art 0
17 A Good Year 0
18 The Last Knight 0

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Kurt Reiner: I need you like a need another does of yellow fever.
Sydney Fox: Yellow, the perfect colour for a coward.
Kurt Reiner: That's not what you said in Katmandu.
Sydney Fox: Forget Katmandu.
Nigel Bailey: Oh, what happened in Katmandu?
Sydney Fox: Nothing happened in Katmandu.



Just after Sydney gets the book snatched from her by the guy in car, her hands stay near her body and don't move, but in the next shot her hands are thrown out to the side to add a surprised effect.