Family Ties

Family Ties (1982)

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Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Pilot 0
2 Not with My Sister You Don't 0
3 I Know Jennifer's Boyfriend 0
4 Summer of '82 0
5 I Never Killed for My Father 0
6 Give Your Uncle Arthur a Kiss 0
7 Big Brother Is Watching 0
8 No Nukes Is Good Nukes 0
9 Death of a Grocer 0
10 Have Gun, Will Unravel 0
11 A Christmas Story 0
12 Oops 0
13 Sherry Baby 0
14 The Fugitive: Part 1 0
15 The Fugitive: Part 2 0
16 Margin of Error 0
17 French Lessons 0
18 I Gotta Be Ming 0

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When Alex mentions to Mallory that he's had sex before, he tells her he was 17 and that it was leap year. Not correct, this event occurred in 1982 (during one of the first episodes when Alex was 17), which was not a leap year.



Michael J. Fox wasn't the original choice to play Alex. Fox was cast after Matthew Broderick backed out, not wanting to commit to a TV series.