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Factual error: On the 28th Jan episode, Gary is interviewed by his comanding officer having not shaved. The cap badge he is wearing is of the Royal Army Ordinance corps which were amalgamated in 1993 into the Royal Logistics corps (different cap badge) and the belts worn by the two soldiers behind him are from neither regiment. Also neither the RAOC or The RLC are infantry regiments. Gary is supposed to be in the infantry but he finished his training in Pirbright not Catterick where all the other infantry soldiers are trained.

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Factual error: On 21st July 2014, Kal's father and sister are shown going into Roy's and ask for a bacon bap. Muslims do not eat bacon, and it is Ramadam, so they do not eat from sunrise to sunset anyway.

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Rita Littlewood: Did you ever run away from home?
Norris Cole: No, I most certainly did not.
Rita Littlewood: That must have been a great disappointment to your mother.



Live 50th anniversary episode, aired December 9th 2010 - When Sally is allowed into the rubble to comfort Molly as the firemen attempt to free her, one of them says they'll get Sally a hard hat. But when we see her talking to Molly in the rubble, she has no hard hat on and instead one of the firemen is holding his hand above her head.



The original working title was to be "Florizel Street," but this was dropped as it sounded too much like a disinfectant, according to the then producers.