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Redemption (1) - S6-E1

Corrected entry: In the episode there is a stopwatch on multiple screens, counting up. When Sam and Jack come back to base and are talking to General Hammond in the briefing room the screen shows 58:00:07, then in the next scene in Sam's lab her screen shows 54:19:07. (00:39:10 - 00:44:20)

Correction: The countdown timer is counting down to gate failure, not up. The numbers are consistent.

Metamorphosis - S6-E16

Corrected entry: When Colonel Ivanov's establishes a wormhole to the SGC gate at the beginning of the episode Carter tells Walter to page O'Neill and Hammond to the gate room. Walter responds, "Yes sir." The problem with that being that Major Carter's first name is Samantha.


Correction: Condescension aside, Major Samantha Carter out ranks Walter. The proper military code of uniformity says that any ranking officer - regardless of gender - is to be called sir and reply with "Sir, yes sir." So, when she gives him the direct order to page the two officers he most likely falls back to his military training to reply with "Yes, sir." Carter might ask he reply with ma'am but in an instance where she is acting as a superior officer and giving an order it's easy to think he might fall back to military standard. So, one shouldn't fault the writers or Walter for what might be misconstrued as a failure to recognize gender - that's the great level of detail I like in a good military show.

Nightwalkers - S6-E5

Corrected entry: At about 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the episode, Carter, Quinn and Teal'c are investigating the dead Dr. Richard Fleming's house. It shows a computer screen with the Disk Information open. It shows that not a single byte has been used on the disk (C: drive, so it's very unlikely a secondary drive). If not a byte has been used, why is an operating system running? (00:08:25)

Correction: The Operating System (OS) could have been placed on another partition (in order to stop the good Dr. from playing around with it -I've had to do this in order to stop small children from doing it in my families homes-) or he could have the the secondary drive actually designated as C: drive & have the computer set up so it checks the secondary drive first for the OS.

Descent - S6-E3

Corrected entry: In a scene where Sergeant Walter Harriman tells General Hammond that SG-1 is ok, but Dr. Friesen is dead (about 00:30:15 timecode), sergeant Walter Harriman is wearing the uniform of Major Davis (you can see "Norman Davis" written on left side of his chest).

Correction: This is actually a production error that has been addressed. His name was originally Norman Davis. At one point, Hammond refers to him as "Airman". This was misinterpreted as him being called "Harriman." Then, in the episode 2010, O'Neill calls him Walter. Thus, his name changed from Norman Davis to Walter Harriman.

Full Circle - S6-E22

Corrected entry: When Daniel is talking to Jack in the lift, he mentions all of the eyes that Anubis possesses, and makes a reference to the Eye of Tiamet (it doesn't say this in the subtitles, however). But in the episode "The Tomb", the Eye of Tiamet gets blown up along with the Russian soldier. So Anubis can't have it because it got blown up.

Correction: The eye of Tiamet could have survived the explosion & been buried under the rubble of the ziggurat, so Anubis would just have to uncover it in order to gain it.

Descent - S6-E3

Corrected entry: When Jack says the line "I'm looking at some major shrinkage here" you can see Amanda Tapping trying not to laugh. That's because this line was probably ad-libbed and he was talking about his genitalia.

Correction: I don't see how this is trivia worthy. Across the entire series, Jack often makes jokes of a risque or foolish nature and Sam's reactions run from stifling laughter to rolling her eyes at him.

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