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Family - S2-E8

Plot hole: Huge plot error: Apophis and Clorell (Skara) should not have survived the explosion in Season 2, Episode 1 (when they attack Earth with two ships). In "Family" they explain that Apophis and Clorell survived by escaping through the stargate aboard Clorell's ship moments after Daniel Jackson did the same. However, when Daniel Jackson escapes through it, Apophis and Clorell are not even on the right ship, and there is 1 second left on the C4 timer when Daniel escapes. They actually show Daniel Jackson escape, and then cut to Apophis and Clorell still aboard their ship. So apparently, Apophis was able to "ring" from his ship over to Clorell's ship, make it to the stargate room, dial an address, and escape through the stargate all within literally 1 second. Is this guy related to The Flash?


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Suggested correction: That's not what happened or what was said. Daniel suggested Apophis and Klorel used the rings after he did, not that they used the Stargate after him. In "The Serpent's Lair", we see Apophis and Klorel use the rings BEFORE Daniel uses the Stargate. But we don't actually know how much time is meant to be left on the C-4 when they use the rings. They ended up using the Stargate before Daniel did and they never cut to them on board after Daniel escapes.


Shadow Play - S6-E7

Other mistake: When the hallucinated Jonas is leading Dr. Kieran upstairs, a red light can be seen glowing on his hip where his Beretta is holstered. It looks as if Corin Nemec is carrying an Intar (a training weapon with a glowing red crystal in the grip) prop instead of a normal pistol. Can't be due to a hallucination - Dr. Kieran couldn't hallucinate a Goa'uld training weapon he'd never seen.

Grumpy Scot

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Suggested correction: Maybe the Intar was given to Jonas in the same way that Sam sometimes carries a Zat; so he has a stun weapon. We know the SGC has access to Intars since SG-1 broke up Apophis' old Jaffa training camp. Therefore, Kieran could have hallucinated it, even without knowing what it was if he'd seen Jonas with it beforehand.

I agree. Later when Jonas is talking to the council people at the end (where he says he wishes they could see what he's seen), you can see he is in fact carrying an Intar, so that's the weapon he left the SGC with, which Dr. Kieran would have seen.


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Suggested correction: Teal'c never dies in this episode. He goes into v-fib, but that's not death.


A Hundred Days - S3-E17

Plot hole: When the team manage to create the cavern with the buried stargate they send Teal'c through to drill his way out, but wouldn't it be safer (and significantly faster) to fire a missile or two through and blast their way out? They have no idea how deep the stargate is buried, or under what type of rock, so sending Teal'c with only four hours of air seems suicidal. (00:35:00)

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Suggested correction: Except that sending a missile through would only cause the rocks to cave in onto the Stargate again and could possibly make it impossible to reopen the Stargate. If they could reopen it, they would just end up creating the same cavern. Not to mention the fact the danger to life on the planet if a missile did make it through and ends up exploding on the surface.


A Matter of Time - S2-E16

Factual error: The star collapsing into a black hole suddenly seems to increase its gravitational pull on the planet that SG-10 is on. When an object collapses to a Singularity, the pull it exerts on an object does not suddenly change because the mass, and therefore the strength of its gravity, has not changed.

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Suggested correction: The gravitational pull of the Singularity doesn't change. The SG team simply didn't know it was there, and its effect increased as the planet's rotation caused the black hole to "rise" in the sky. Just as the Sun doesn't get hotter or colder during the day, it still feels hotter at midday than at sunrise.

Your analogy is flawed because the sun's heat is blocked by the earth until it has a line-of-sight, while gravity's effect goes through the planet. A black hole millions of miles away would have no noticeable gravitational difference during the different phases of the planet's rotation - noon or midnight. The only way what you said would make any sense is if the black hole is small and close to the planet, but then that wouldn't be a black hole from the planet's star collapsing since the mass and distance would be wrong.

Suggested correction: Black holes certainly increase gravitational pull and can tear planets apart. In additions, black holes are pulling in matter around it, adding to its mass.


A star and a black hole formed from it have the same mass and cause the same gravitational pull on objects outside the star's original diameter. Yes, a black hole pulls in matter around it, but that is the exact same matter that would also be pulled into a star of the same mass, so again the star and black hole would have the exact same effect on everything around it, including the planet. Regarding black holes (and stars) pulling planets apart, that is from tidal forces that grow exponentially as they approach a large mass, and again for objects at a distance outside the stars original diameter a star and black hole of the same mass cause exactly the same effect. The reality is when a star collapses into a black hole, some of the matter gets ejected and causes a supernova during the process, so the planet would have been torn apart long before any black hole was present, with the planet's debris thrown away from the event, not sucked towards it.

No, the gravity on surrounding objects does NOT increase, unless the black hole absorbs sufficient amounts of matter to increase it's gravity noticeable. Merely turning a star into a black hole won't affect objects such as orbiting planets.

There But For the Grace of God - S1-E20

Continuity mistake: When the Goa'uld attack the alternate Earth they dial in so no-one can escape. However in future episodes the Russian Stargate program said that as long as a DHD was hooked up to their gate it would have priority. When the invasion happened they had a gate on the ship hooked to a DHD.

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Suggested correction: The Goa'uld are well aware of this. All they would need to do is block the event horizon of their Stargate or disconnect the DHD and any incoming wormhole would default to the gate on Earth instead.

Point of View - S3-E6

Other mistake: When the Asgard arrive to save the day they start by beaming out the Goa'ould but Teal'c gets left behind. He should have been beamed out with the rest of them.

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Suggested correction: The Asgard know about Teal'c from the season 2 episode "Thor's Chariot". In that episode they upload his DNA profile into the Asgard computers so that he is not beamed away with the other Jaffa in that episode. His profile would have been kept so that he would known in any future contact situations with the Asgard.


This correction seems to have been made without watching the episode (or remembering the episode). The Asgard spoken of are from an alternate reality when they never met Teal'c (and don't have his DNA). One could suggest that alternate reality Carter told them about Teal'c, but there were two of them, and she wouldn't have known alternate reality Teal'c was later killed.


Citizen Joe - S8-E15

Factual error: At the end of the episode General O'Neill is introduced to Joe's wife. He is introduced as General O'Neill, but his insignia on his dress blue uniform is a Colonel - an eagle, not a General's star.

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Suggested correction: There is no eagle insignia on his uniform. He has one star (on each shoulder) to signify General.


Show generally

Stupidity: Some ancient advanced civilization took to the task of building this amazing net of stargates that enables instantaneous traveling over hundreds of light years or more, but any stargate can be disabled by anybody just by covering it with dirt or rocks. Apparently if the stargate is buried then it becomes inactive. See Season 1 EP.1.

Lolo Bolo

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Suggested correction: This is just you having a different opinion on how the Stargates should work. In fact, the ability to make a Stargate inactive by burying it is a brilliant move by the Ancients. Burying the gate, or even creating a barrier, prevents enemies (like the Goa'uld) from having a convenient way of invading a planet. Although some races, like The Nox, show the ability to activate a Stargate without having to form an unstable vortex.


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The Other Guys - S6-E8

Coombs: I knew I should have updated my will before agreeing to off-world assignments.
Felger: You are not going to die, Coombs.
Coombs: Oh, come on, Felger. We might as well be wearing red shirts.
Felger: I don't get that.

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Answer: While the series was undeniably successful, filming it is a long process, taking many months of often long days. Anderson, after several years of doing this, wished to spend more time with his young daughter, who he felt he was neglecting, and requested that his role in the series be scaled back. Ultimately, he decided to leave the main cast altogether and only make occasional guest appearances.

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