Courage the Cowardly Dog
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally1
Season 1
Season 1 generally0
1A Night At The Katz Motel / Canjun Granny Stew0
2The Shadow Of Courage / Dr. Le Quack Amenesia Specialist0
3Courage Meets Bigfoot / Hothead0
4Demon In The Mattress / Freaky Fred0
5Mother's Day / Night Of The Weremole0
6The Duck Brothers / Shirley The Medium0
7King Ramses's Curse / The Clutching Foot0
8The Hunchback Of Nowhere / The Gods Must Be Goosey0
9Queen Of The Black Puddle / Everyone Wants To Direct1
10The Snowman Cometh / The Precious, Wonderful, Adorable, Loveable Duckling0
11Heads Of Beef / Klub Katz3
12Revenge Of The Chicken From Outer Space / Journey To The Center Of Nowhere0
13Little Muriel / The Great Fusilli0
Season 2
Season 2 generally0
1The Magic Tree Of Nowhere / Robot Randy0
2Curse Of Shirley / Courage In The Big Stinkin' City0
3Family Business / 1000 Years Of Courage0
4Courage Meets The Mummy / Invinsible Muriel0

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