Boy Meets World

Road Trip - S6-E15

Audio problem: When the waitresses are performing their song, you can tell they are lip syncing to a recording even though they are supposed to be giving a live performance. The vocals have a noticeable amount of reverb and are mixed evenly with the instrumental track despite the fact they aren't even using microphones. (00:06:49 - 00:09:00)

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Everybody Loves Stuart - S6-E7

Audio problem: When Eric walks into Cory's hearing to the theme of "The People's Court," we find out the sound is coming from a tape player in his briefcase. When he opens up the briefcase and pulls out the tape player to stop it, the volume remains the same. The volume should have increased once he opened the briefcase. (00:14:30)

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Graduation - S5-E24

Audio problem: When Mr. Feeny is reading off the names of all the graduates, you can hear reverb in his voice to indicate that he is speaking into a microphone. The problem is there is no microphone in front of him. You can see Eric holding the microphone next to him and singing into it, with no audio. If that microphone is turned off, then Feeny's voice should not be amplified. If the microphone is on, then we should also hear Eric as he is singing. (00:19:38 - 00:20:56)

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Rave On - S3-E8

Audio problem: When the Monkees are performing a second song, Peter Tork has put down his bass guitar and switches to harmonica, but a bass guitar can still be heard. And as with their previous performance, drums can be heard even though no-one is playing them.

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Rave On - S3-E8

Audio problem: When the Monkees are performing "My Girl," you can hear two guitar parts, drums, and a string section, even though Mickey Dolenz is the only one playing a guitar and there is no drummer or a string section.

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Pop Quiz - S2-E20

Continuity mistake: When Cory and Shawn are on Cory's bed they throw a ball out the window. When the camera comes back on them you can see that ball on Eric's bed. But just a second later the ball is gone.

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Me and Mr. Joad - S2-E4

Mr. Feeny: I realise that all you 7th-graders are delicate, adolescent flowers, just beginning your high school blooming. And so I say this with utmost sensitivity: take this test, or die!

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Brave New World (2) - S7-E23

Trivia: In the episode when Cory and Topanga are walking through the marriage dorms for the first time, a little boy walks through the hall and says "I see dead people". And in the very last episode the same boy plays Cory's little brother, Joshy.

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Janitor Dad - S4-E6

Question: When Chet and Verna are arguing about Chet getting a job, visible in the background is a painting of what I believe is an oak tree on a yellow background. Does anybody know the name and/or artist of this painting? My Grandparents used have a painting similar to it (if not the same one) and it also looks very similar to (and possibly the inspiration for) the cover art for the debut album of the band Days of the New.

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Answer: I learned the answer to this one today. It is "Tree of Life" by Garé Barks.

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