Dad's Army
Episode Title Mistakes
Season 4
10 The Test 1
11 A. Wilson (Manager)? 0
12 Uninvited Guests 0
13 Fallen Idol 0
14 Battle of the Giants! 0
Season 5
Season 5 generally 0
1 Asleep in the Deep 0
2 Keep Young and Beautiful 0
3 A Soldier's Farewell 0
4 Getting the Bird 1
5 The Desperate Drive of Corporal Jones 0
6 If the Cap Fits.... 0
7 The King Was in His Counting House 1
8 All Is Safely Gathered In 0
9 When Did You Last See Your Money? 0
10 Brain Versus Brawn 0
11 A Brush with the Law 0
12 Round and Round Went the Great Big Wheel 0
13 Time on My Hands 3
Season 6
Season 6 generally 0

Getting the Bird - S5-E4

Audio problem: Jonesy is playing the organ. A pigeon 'flies' out the top of the organ and lands on the keys, so Jonesy picks it up and moves it, taking both his hands off the keys. Yet the music plays on.

rabid anarchist

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Godfrey: Sir. I wouldn't want to roam the countryside ravishing maidens.

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The Royal Train - S6-E3

Question: A set of complicated events mean that Captain Mainwaring and some other members of the platoon have to drive a railway engine. After they leave the railway station it turns out that the railway engine has no brake wheel and cannot stop. The ARP warden, the mayor of Walmington, the vicar and verger take the brake wheel, jump on a handcar and chase after the engine. Catching up with the engine, they throw the brake wheel to Captain Mainwaring. The engine then reverses, so they must pedal the handcar even faster to avoid being run over. Could four men (all obviously in late middle age, and past peak fitness) pedal a handcar to outrun a railway engine at full steam? When the engine reverses, why do they pedal the handcar to stop being run over? Why don't they jump off the handcar, then pull the handcar off the track? (Also it takes the engine less than a minute to reverse. In reality, it would take several minutes to change a moving railway locomotive from forward to reverse).

Rob Halliday

Answer: The show is a comedy, this was played for comedic effect and to show that in times of extreme fear, in this case about to be crushed by a steam train, the men had an adrenaline surge strong enough to pedal fast enough.

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