Scrubs (2001)

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My Best Friend's Wedding - S3-E22

Corrected entry: Turk and Carla are married by the patient who is also a priest. It is just the three of them in the patient's room. For a wedding ceremony to be legal, at least two witnesses are needed to see the marriage. This is a marriage requirement in most states.


Correction: California state law for public marriage licenses requires only 1 witness. California state law for confidential marriage licenses does not require any witnesses.


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Elliot: Dr. Cox, does this lipstick make me look like a clown?
Dr. Cox: No, Barbie... It makes you look like a prostitute who caters exclusively TO clowns.



Season 6 - Episode 1 - My Mirror Image: Dr. Cox's hair colour and length change back and forth significantly during the episode.



Ben Sullivan, Dr. Cox's best friend and brother-in-law, loves his camera and takes pictures everywhere he goes. Brendan Fraser, who plays Ben, has a great interest for photography in real life.