Helen of Troy

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Corrected entry: When Odysseus and Menelaus came to King Priam for the return of Helen, Odysseus addressed Priam as "High King Priam." The problem is that Troy does not have a high king and that the Greeks (who traded with Troy) should know that.


Correction: Odysseus never addresses Priam as High King and neither does Menelaus.

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Corrected entry: There are numerous contradictions in this mini-series with that of the "actual" story of the Trojan War.


Correction: The mini-series are only loosely based on the 'actual' story of the Trojan War, just like the movie Troy is.

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Factual error: When they first assault the city, the Greeks construct catapults. Only problem: catapults were invented at 400 - 300 BC, i.e. about 800 years later; and the first models looked similar to giant crossbows. The one-armed onager and similar types (as seen here) were a later Roman invention.

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Helen: Loving me kills people, destroys families, causes such grief you cannot imagine.

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