Beast Wars: Transformers

Season 1 generally

Trivia: For the first few episodes, Scorponok had a Maximal symbol on his missiles, as a sort of "this bullet has your name on it" thing. After the confusion caused for many people that pointed out that he is a Predacon, the symbols in question were removed.

Season 1 generally

Trivia: In the episode where Starscream (a Generation 1 character) possesses Waspinator, they could not use Starscream's original voice actor(Chris Latta), because he had unfortunately passed away several years prior. So they used the voice actor for Terrorsaur. Also, because the actor's impression of Starscream and Terrorsaur is so alike, Terrorsaur has very few lines in the episode.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In "Deep Metal" (Season 3), Depth Charge fights Rampage on the beach. Throughout the whole episode, Depth Charge has four fingers. But in a shot when DC doubles over in pain to clutch his wounds, he has five fingers.

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Cheetor: We've got to stop them before they reach the base.
Ratrap: That's your department, Sky Cat. Fire up. We'll be right behind you.
Dinobot: My weapon is depleted.
Cheetor: I need a running start.
Ratrap: Criminy, the pair of ya! I've gotta DO everything?

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