Beast Wars: Transformers

Trivia: When this series was shown on Canadian television, it was called "Beasties."


Trivia: In the Season 3 episode "Feral Scream, Part 2," Optimus calls Depth Charge a "hardhead." Hardhead was an Autobot who appeared in the Transformers: Headmasters comic. Coincidentally, part of Hardhead's file reads: "The only way to get Hardhead to follow advice is to persuade him he came up with the idea himself. He knows only one way to do anything - his way." Sounds a lot like Depth Charge's mentality to me.

Trivia: Waspinator and Rhinox are the only two characters who took part in the Beast Wars from the very first to the very last episode, and still retained their original forms. Every other character was either introduced later, died before the last episode, or was Transmetallized at some point.

Trivia: The Golden Disc that Megatron stole from Cybertron is the same disc placed on the Voyager spacecraft. You can even see the words "Sounds of Earth" printed on it several times across the series. You can check out what the disc actually looks like here:

Trivia: Depth Charge is said to have been the only survivor of Colony Omicron after it was destroyed by Rampage. Omicron is also the name of a colony in Star Trek: The Next Generation. It, too, was destroyed leaving only one survivor, Data.

Trivia: Tigatron and Black Arachnia weren't supposed to appear in the show originally, and so their action figures were just repaints of Cheetor and Tarantulas, respectively. When they were chosen to join the teams (Tigatron in place of Wolfang, Black Arachnia on her own), the animators panicked because they had no body casts to work with, and made up their looks on the fly.

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In "Deep Metal" (Season 3), Depth Charge fights Rampage on the beach. Throughout the whole episode, Depth Charge has four fingers. But in a shot when DC doubles over in pain to clutch his wounds, he has five fingers.

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Cheetor: We've got to stop them before they reach the base.
Ratrap: That's your department, Sky Cat. Fire up. We'll be right behind you.
Dinobot: My weapon is depleted.
Cheetor: I need a running start.
Ratrap: Criminy, the pair of ya! I've gotta DO everything?

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