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Deliberate mistake: 9/6/10: When Lucas and Jade are getting into the car, look at the road sign behind them. Lucas is driving down a one way street the wrong way. Also the camera light is reflected in the side of the car.

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Deliberate mistake: 21/10/08: Jack was giving Darren a driving lesson. Just after Tanya and Lauren got into the back seat of the car, the camera angle changed. As Darren turned the corner into Bridge Street, the driver of the car changed, as he was now much bigger than Darren.

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Other mistake: When Lucy is in the cafe watching the mother and her children, the mother repeats the same dialogue.

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Frank Butcher: I'll tell you what, pal, you talk to me like that again and you're gonna get a dry slap.

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Trivia: The EastEnders set is built on the same spot that the "German" building site used in the first series of Auf Weidersen Pet, was located. If you look carefully you'll notice that the flats in the background are the same ones in both programmes.

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