Only Fools and Horses

Healthy Competition - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: When Rodney is talking about breaking up the partnership, his hands switch from being on his knees to the table between shots.



Healthy Competition - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: Just before Del says that Rodney needs Radar, the door behind Rodney is beginning to swing open. Nobody makes any move to close it. The next time we see that door, it is firmly shut.


Healthy Competition - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: When Del is escaping in the van, there is a view from the side of the van and the door is almost completely shut. But in the next shot, which is a direct view of the back of the van, the door is wide open, allowing space for the toy dogs to fall out of the suitcase and onto the road.


Healthy Competition - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: When Rodney drove the van to help Del escape from the police. When you see a shot of the van from behind, the van has changed position.


Healthy Competition - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: When Del is getting chased by the dogs in the alley, some of the dogs run a different way, yet in the next shot, they are all chasing him again.

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Mike: Well?
Trigger: Well what?
Mike: What are they naming the baby?
Trigger: If it's a girl, they're calling her Sigourney, after an actress. And if it's a boy, they're calling him Rodney, after Dave.



At the very beginning of the episode, Leonard Pearce is waiting for the cue for his character to start looking for his teeth. He's standing in the living room, between his room and Del and Rodney's room.



Only Fools and Horses was recently voted Britain's Best Sitcom, beating BlackAdder and the Vicar of Dibley into second and third place respectively.