The Painted World - S2-E3

Revealing mistake: When the sisters are talking in the kitchen about Phoebe crashing Prue's car, whenever Phoebe turns around you can see a distinctly grey patch of skin on her shoulder where one of the actress's tattoos is covered up.

Astral Monkey - S2-E20

Revealing mistake: When Phoebe punches Dr. Williamson, it's easy to tell that she doesn't really punch him.

Ex Libris - S2-E19

Revealing mistake: The sheet-covered body of Charlene that is being moved by the police has obviously got a head, despite the fact that she was meant to have been decapitated.

Murphy's Luck - S2-E16

Revealing mistake: When Maggie Murphy climbs onto the ledge of the roof to jump off you can see the surface of the ledge dipping as if it was foam.

Ex Libris - S2-E19

Revealing mistake: When the pawn shop owner jumps through the glass door, it is painfully obvious that it's a stunt double.


Animal Pragmatism - S2-E13

Revealing mistake: When Phoebe opens the cupboard and the human pig falls on top of her, you can see that it's a stunt double in the far shot.


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