That '70s Episode - S1-E17

Plot hole: Throughout the series, it's established that good witches don't freeze. In this episode, however, Little Piper freezes Future Prue and Piper when they come back to the manor to "kidnap" their younger selves. Simply because the Charmed Ones reason that only one "set" of sisters (past/future) could have their powers doesn't mean that Future Prue, Piper and Phoebe aren't good witches. In other time-travel episodes, the sisters remain immune to freezing and are still able to say spells make potions, meaning they are still good witches. For example, in Season 8 "Forever Charmed," Piper and Leo go back to 1975 (the same time-period as this episode) using Coop's ring, trying to find when Phoebe is alive again. However, when a startled Patty tries to freeze them, only Leo freezes. Piper does not, though she likely cannot use her freezing/exploding power in this time.


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