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Serenity (2) - S1-E12

Corrected entry: Kaylee gets shot in the stomach and rushed to the infirmary, where Simon works on her for some hours. Then, once she's stabilized, Mal goes and opens Simon's shipping container, in which his sister is stashed. Several scenes later, Kaylee finally wakes up from her anesthesia while Mal is with her, and makes some comment about how pretty River is lying there, even though she (Kaylee) has been unconscious the entire time River's been out of the crate. She should be asking who this stranger is.

Rooster of Doom

Correction: It's blatantly obvious throughout that scene that Kaylee's doped to the gills, so she's not exactly firing on all cylinders. Even if she wasn't, Kaylee's about the most easy-going person on the ship, and it seems entirely in character for her to observe how pretty River is before worrying about who she actually is, particularly as, given that the girl's asleep in the sickbay, she's clearly not an imminent threat to the crew or ship.

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[About Jayne's statue.]
Wash: I think they captured him. Captured his esscence, you know?
Kaylee: He looks kinda angry.
Wash: That's kinda what I meant.



When Shepherd Book tells everyone about the electrical nets, Jayne says, "One day you're gonna tell us all how a preacher knows so damn much about crime." Shepherd then turns to leave. But in the immediate close up of him and Mal, he turns to leave again.



Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Adam Baldwin, and Alan Tudyk all later played villains on Joss Whedon's other Mutant Enemy productions: Fillion appeared as Caleb in the final five episodes of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," while Torres played Jasmine in season four of "Angel" and Baldwin played Marcus Hamilton in season five. Tudyk played Alpha in "Dollhouse".