Plan D: Private Plane - S4-E4

Other mistake: When we first see the plane that Blackadder and Baldrick are flying, the machine gun on top of it is firing. There are 3 mistakes here. 1) We don't hear the gun fire. Cannot be argued by the plane drowning it out, as we later hear the Red Baron's gun firing. 2) In the next shot, the gun has stopped firing. 3) The fact the gun is firing is ignored by Blackadder and Baldrick. They are too busy on keeping the plane level - the whole flying scene was obviously archive footage of WWI planes flying.

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Suggested correction: OK a few points. 1. The baron and Blackadder are flying different kinds of plane. One could be louder than the other. 2. Gunners have to stop occasionally. So the gun stopping isn't a mistake. 3. We don't know for definite if they are ignoring the gun. This is speculation at best.

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Answer: His first name is "Sod Off". Blackadder asks him in series 3 where this came from, and he replies "Well, when I was a kid, living in the gutter, I'd go up to the other kids and say 'Hello, I'm Baldrick'. And they'd say, 'Yes, we know. Sod off, Baldrick.'"


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