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Other mistake: In the party/orgy scene where Aetius is showing off Rome to Attila, one can see a woman with her back to us reveal herself to a man and woman. Despite her veil, one can see her thong underwear. This type of underwear is a 20th century innovation.

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Beer - S2-E5

Other mistake: In the episode "Beer" when Edmund leaves Melchett's house to prepare for the evening he walks away and bumps into the wall causing it to wobble.

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Other mistake: A few times during the whole show there are certain shots where the corners of the screen are blacked out, as if a circular lens cap has been fitted to the camera. There seems to be no logical reason for this, therefore it has to be a mistake. One example is when Jonas is leaving his wife for the last time and he says 'there's a big battle brewing'. (00:07:25)

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Replacements - S1-E4

Other mistake: When Heffron is taking his throw at darts, he states that he needs a "double seven". When he takes the throw, the dart goes into the treble eight (an earlier close-up confirms that the board has the standard Gamlin configuration), yet, from the reaction he gets, he's made the throw he was going for. (00:04:40)

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Abduction - S1-E9

Other mistake: A man that has just been hypnotized forces his wife to remove a metallic quarter-sized object from the back of his neck. The man had been suffering from health problems ever since an alleged alien abduction. He stated that he had been seen by many doctors but none could figure out what was wrong. A quarter-sized metallic object beneath the skin of the back of his neck protruding as a bump, and no doctor ever saw it? Highly improbable. (00:31:20)

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Episode #5.7 - S5-E7

Other mistake: Two actors are standing on an ancient muddy track which shows the tyre prints of a modern vehicle, made probably by the 4WD camera car. (00:09:00 - 00:10:00)

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Other mistake: After Lord Buntaro's archery demonstration, Blackthorne comes over to the post which now bears the three arrows shot by the Japanese. In the paper wall behind him a hole can be seen, which is to be the spot through which the arrows have come. but the arrows and the hole do not make one straight line, which would have to be the case if the missiles were to really have arrived from there.

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