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Secrets & Lays - S1-E17

Continuity mistake: When Will is standing cleaning a tray, on the counter behind him there is a large circular wooden board, with a white tea-towel sitting on it. After he cleans the tray and walks off, the white tea-towel has moved off the wooden board, and is on the edge of the counter. (00:09:55)

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Will Works Out - S1-E19

Continuity mistake: When Karen is lying on the table, her jacket is unbuttoned. And when Jack pushes her off the table and she gets back up, it's still unbuttoned. But as the shot cuts to her heading quickly over to the door, her jacket is now buttoned, but there was no time for her to do it.

Leo Unwrapped - S5-E21

Continuity mistake: When Will gets up from the sofa, as he speaks with Grace, a small white cushion with black dots all over it falls over on the sofa. In a following shot you can see that the cushion has now magically up righted itself.

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Sex, Losers and Videotape - S5-E20

Continuity mistake: After Connie leaves Will's office, we see a stack of files on Will's desk, to his left. Then Grace enters his office, and now these files have vanished from the desk, and are now on the other side of the desk, to Will's right. In following shots they keep swapping sides.

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Grandpa Jack - S9-E4

Question: This is a question without a knowable answer. But I wonder if anyone has thoughts as to why we hear nothing of Elliot's mother? Jack and Elliot are estranged. Elliot's mother, Bonnie (originally played by Rosie O'Donnell), acknowledged to Jack that she is a lesbian in the original run of the series. So, when Elliot marries a conservative woman, moves to Texas, and makes plans to send his gay son to a gay conversion camp, where is Bonnie in all of this?

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