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Corrected entry: When Lizzy reads the letter from Jane, Jane refers to the children as her nieces and nephews - they are her cousins.

Correction: This was a common term for young cousins who were much younger than their older ones, it's in the original text.

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Corrected entry: When Mr Collins proposes to Lizzie, you can see a bright rectangular light through the passageway used by Lizzie and Kitty to enter the room. You see it as they enter the room above Lizzie's head, and again as Kitty and Mrs. Bennett leave the room. (01:34:25 - 01:35:05)

Correction: You can see that it is a small glass window over the doorway to the outside door with daylight coming through it.

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Corrected entry: The corsetry is completely wrong in this movie. Even a cursory examination of period fashion plates and portraiture shows that cleavage was "out," and the corset provided the most minimal support possible for the bust, or not at all. Fashion plates show the Regency waistline around the ribcage naturally just below the bust; but the movie's corsetry holds this line out from the body, completely changing the silhouette.

Correction: The corsetry looks correct, as later regency corsets (actually "stays") pushed the bust up and out. The ideal of silhouette that was previously spoken of (natural, no corset) is more directoire than regency, when it was written rather than when it was published, and the series looks like it is set when it was published.

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Corrected entry: During Lizzie and Mr. Darcy's dance at Netherfield, they pass a mirror just before Lizzie says "both, I'd imagine". Reflected in the mirror very briefly you can see a window showing daylight outside. But the ball takes place at night time. (00:32:40)

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Correction: I believe that (reading form other continuity goofs) that the "window" in this case is actually one of the stage lighting lamps.

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Corrected entry: The music room in Pemberley is supposed to be on the ground floor as shown by the housekeeper, when Elizabeth first gets to the place with her aunt and uncle. When Darcy goes back to the music room after Elizabeth's first evening with him and his family, he walks along the portrait gallery which is supposed to be on the first floor (as shown by the housekeeper), so in this scene the music room is on the first floor.

Correction: Mr. Darcy is walking along the portrait gallery and then going downstairs to the musicroom, but this is not seen in the scene. When he is in the musicroom the staircase which leads to the first floor can be seen. So in both scenes the music room is on the ground floor.

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Corrected entry: When Lizzie and Charlotte Lucas return home from their visit to Rosings Park, they are riding in a public stagecoach. But in both the text (Ch. 37-38) and the movie dialogue, they travel post, which is a completely different thing. A post-chaise, even if hired, is private; on the stage coach (which is not a chaise), the young ladies must share the interior of the coach with strangers. This was not done by ladies of their class except in extraordinary circumstances, none of which are mentioned in the text or the movie dialogue.

Correction: It might not be much of a treat, but it's still a free ride to London.


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Corrected entry: When Lizzy returns home (after Lydia has gone missing) and greets Jane, notice Jane's left sleeve as she and Lizzy talk: it is ripped and part of the piping is hanging off. Moments later, upstairs in Mrs. Bennet's room, Jane's sleeve is no longer ripped.

Correction: The piping in question is part of the jacket type thing Jane is wearing over her dress. It is not supposed to be attached and simply changes positions between shots, not surprising since she has been moving her arms.

Correction: It is not make up and lack thereof, it is the shadow from his collar. You can see the shadow move as Darcy moves his head.

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Corrected entry: When Lizzie is singing and playing for Mr. Darcy, Mr Bingley, and the sisters at Pemberley the music sounds like a harpsichord. After Lizzie has finished she persuades Georgiana to play for everyone. Georgiana sits at the same instrument as Lizzie and starts playing, only this time the music is a piano, not harpsichord.

Correction: Instruments such as this often have a pedal that can be pushed to make it sound like a different instrument. I own an old piano that can sound like harpsichord just like in the film.

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Corrected entry: In the final scene, when they're all married and happy and ride off in the coaches, Lizzie and Darcy get in, and the coach starts to move. The camera then switches to Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, who say something like:" God has been very good to us." "Yes, so it will seem." You can see the carriage riding off, but when the camera moves to close up for the kiss, you can still see in the background the walls of Longbourn, though they've already passed the house.

Correction: The carriage actually starts from the side of the house and the view we are looking at at the end is of the front of the house.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Mary Bennet tries to show off and is followed by Caroline Bingley, Caroline plays a piece by Mendelssohn, who was born in 1807. However, Pride and Prejudice was published in 1813, and set at about that time. Mendelssohn would have had to have written that piece (can't recall the name) at age 6.

Correction: It is not Caroline who plays but her sister Mrs Hurst, and the piece she plays is "Rondo alla turca" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791).

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Corrected entry: When Darcy enters into the room to make his first offer of marriage to Lizzie, he walks in with a hat and a stick. When he leaves again, he only takes his hat with him.

Correction: If you look closely, Darcy doesn't actually carry a stick in with him when he comes to ask Lizzie to marry him. You only see his hands for a moment but he's definitely only carrying his hat. He does, however, carry one on the visit before this (when he asks Lizzie about how far away from her family she'd prefer to be when she marries) but he takes it away with him. He's holding it in the same hand as his hat, so it can be easy to miss.

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Continuity mistake: During the Ball scene at Netherfield, right before one of the dances, a shot of Lizzy reveals Jane in the background moving in slow motion.

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Mrs. Bennet: You don't know what I suffer.

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Trivia: Jennifer Ehle who played Lizzie is blonde - she knew Lizzie was to be brunette, so she dyed her eyebrows the night before the dressed audition to give her a better chance of suiting the part. (This is confirmed in the 'making of' book).

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