Red Dwarf

Season 6 generally

Easter egg: Series 6, Disc 1. When you are at the doors for the Control Room, push OK at the door just before the doors open. This reveals an Easter Egg.

Casual Person

Season 6 generally

Easter egg: On Disc 1 of Series VI, go to Commentary, then hit [left]. You will be taken to a panel just to the left of the main screen, where you should hit [enter]. This takes you to a key pad. Highlight "1", hit [enter]; highlight "7", [enter]; highlight "4", [enter]; highlight "2", [enter]. This takes you to a screen that says, "Error." You are then immediately taken to a clip called "Memory Man." This is a small interview with Danny John-Jules in which he is asked about the episode "The Inquisitor" and can't remember which episode that is.

Season 6 generally

Easter egg: On disc 1 of the Red Dwarf series 6 DVD enter the 'select episode' option and go to the Gunman of the Apocalypse episode. Click enter and then go to the second chapter and press right. You should highlight the sheriff badge, and by pressing enter you can see the animated short of this series by Ed Bye, Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.