Star Trek: The Next Generation

The First Duty - S5-E19

Trivia: The Federation flag has the Roman numeral MMCLXI, which is 2161, the year that the United Federation of Planets was founded. It's motto, "Ex axtris scientia" is latin for "from the stars, knowledge."

The Game - S5-E6

Trivia: During a scene in Ten Forward with Wesley and Robin, in the background you can see a crew member in a blue uniform playing the game. This is actor Brent Spiner, minus his Data makeup.

Unification (2) - S5-E8

Trivia: Because of guest star Leonard Nimoy's schedule, this episode was filmed before part one.

Silicon Avatar - S5-E4

Trivia: As Data and Dr. Marr wait for the turbolift, the dark panel on the right side of the door reads "ACCESS DENIED." No other time does this appear.

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