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I heart ny - S4-E18

Visible crew/equipment: Lighting screens are reflected on Sam's sun glasses when she spies Richard.

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Sex and the country - S4-E9

Visible crew/equipment: When Carrie tells Big that there's no-one she'd like to be except Aidan, two lighting screens get reflected on his glass.

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Baby, talk is cheap - S4-E6

Visible crew/equipment: When Charlotte shows Tray the refurbished bedroom, a squared set light is reflected on the wardrobe.

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The real me - S4-E2

Visible crew/equipment: When Carrie shows the Cindy Crawford picture, the filming crew plus lighting screens on the side and on the ceiling are reflected on the bottle.

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Sex and the City mistake picture

I heart ny - S4-E18

Visible crew/equipment: When Carrie arrives at the hospital room, Miranda is walking back and forth trying to break her water. When she turns back towards Carrie, you can see something sticking out prominently from under her hospital gown on the right side of her abdomen. The object appears to be swinging around on a line or wire as Miranda moves. When Miranda gets closer to Carrie and finally stops just in front of her; you can see the entire wire or line attached to the object slanting diagonally from her left shoulder, across her chest and down her abdomen, just right of the center. The protruding object, and line or wire must be her mic. (00:24:10)

Games people play - S2-E13

Visible crew/equipment: When Carrie is sitting at the table writing on her laptop after her trip with the girls to the sports bar, the camera comes round and you can see her TV. You can see a boom mic reflecting on the TV screen, and another camera.

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Charlotte: How can you forget a guy you've slept with?
Carrie: Toto, I don't think we're in single digits anymore.

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Trivia: Carrie is the only main character who never appears nude (she is either dressed or covered by something). Sarah Jessica Parker had a strict "no nudity" clause in her contract.

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Question: When Charlotte won't believe that Stanford's boyfriend Marcus used to be a callboy, Anthony says "Wake up and smell the KY". What is KY?

Answer: A popular brand of sexual lubricant. See

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