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The cold war - S6-E17

Corrected entry: When Carrie arrives home and checks her phone machine, Mr. Big has left some messages. In one of them, he mentions that he 'called her cell, but he must have copied her cell phone number wrong, because he got another person instead'. But this doesn't make logical sense. Mr. Big has already called Carrie on her cell phone (IE: "Thrift Store", "Jury Duty"), and obviously knows her correct number. And if he had written it down, he must have written it down correctly to have called her on her cell. (00:10:20)

Correction: There was some time that elapsed since they talked on the phone (those times they talked on her cell, she was still with Berger, and time elapsed because her hair is longer when she checked her machine). Perhaps he had her number on his cell phone and lost his phone, along with his SIM card that has all his numbers, or forgot to copy the numbers when changing his phone, and copied it from a physical address book he has. Or possibly Carrie could have changed her number and he wrote it down incorrectly when they talked last.

Carrie uses the same cell phone throughout most of the series, until she throws it in the ocean in Mexico during her 'honeymoon'. She also mentions how important her original number was, in the first movie, implying she has been using it from the beginning. She did not apparently change her cell phone or phone number throughout the series. And it is highly unlikely that Mr. Big would have lost his phone, along with his SIM card. It still makes no sense that he had to write her number down as if it were a new number, when it was the same one he has been using for years and would probably have it memorized.

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Answer: Yes, it is.

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