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Sex and the City (1998)

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Unoriginal sin - S5-E2

Corrected entry: At the end of Season 4 after Aiden moves out, Carrie has the hole in her bedroom wall fixed, and repaints that wall an olive green color to match the others. (Season 4, Episode 18, Run Time: 1:18.) But in this episode, when Carrie is in her bedroom going through her newspaper columns, you can see that this same wall is suddenly painted a light pink color. It hasn't been very long since she just painted the wall olive green again, so why would she suddenly repaint just that one wall light pink? Why would she repaint the same wall again twice, that quickly?


Barbara Ann

Correction: Not only is this not a plot hole, but it's entirely presumptuous of the submitter to note this as a mistake. Carrie painted the wall olive green in season 4, episode 18. After which at some point, she reconsidered her choice and painted the wall pink, by the time we see it in season 5, episode 2. Even if she changed her mind and repainted her wall a dozen times between that time span, it is her choice to make, and we needn't see it onscreen.

Unoriginal sin - S5-E2

Corrected entry: As in the previous episode, the colors pink and red are again emphasized in this episode, although not as much as before. We first see the combination with the flashback of Richard explaining himself to Samantha. His bedspread is red, and there is pink lighting in the windows behind him. During the second scene in Richard's apartment, the same colors are used, with the addition of Samantha wearing a bright red top. Later when Carrie and Charlotte are 'trolling guys' in the park, Carrie is wearing a red plaid hat, and Charlotte is wearing a very pink jacket. There is also a pink/red umbrella, and dark pink fire hydrant in the background. When Carrie meets with the two female Publishers in the bar, it has a red and pink decor. Later when Carrie and Samantha are walking in the street, and talking about Carrie's book, Samantha is wearing a very obvious pink and red outfit. When Carrie is back in her bedroom, going through her newspaper columns, she is wearing a pink dress with red figures on the chest. When Charlotte is seen in her bathroom listening to Affirmations, she is wearing a pink sweater, and writing on the mirror with red lipstick. Later when Carrie and Miranda are shopping in the Baptism store, Carrie is carrying a pink sweater, and Miranda is holding a large red purse. When Charlotte and Carrie walk into the Seminar and approach the welcome desk, there is a shot of a woman wearing a pink sweater standing next to a woman in a red shirt. Later when they are sitting down, Charlotte takes off her coat to reveal that it has a red lining, and she is wearing a pink and black dress underneath. There are also several women in the audience wearing red. When Samantha and Richard are seated at the restaurant, the decor there also has some red and pink. Later when Carrie walks into the Baptism Church, she is wearing a pink hat, which contrasts against Mary's red jacket. And finally, when Carrie is holding Brady right after the Baptism, there is a shot of her wearing the pink hat, juxtaposed against the bank of red candles behind her. So once again, for some reason, the colors pink and red were a focal point of this episode as well.

Barbara Ann

Correction: I'm loathe to correct this because of the obvious effort to compose it, but put simply, this is all onscreen and evident for the viewer to see for themselves. Pointing out something obvious with no explanation as to WHY it not grounds for a trivia entry, its simply not interesting.




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