Sex and the City

Sex and the City (1998)

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Sex and the country - S4-E9

Corrected entry: Miranda and Steve are sitting on Miranda's sofa eating Chinese food and discussing Steve's cancer surgery. There's a close-up shot of Steve, who is wearing eyeglasses. The shot cuts to a close-up of Miranda and then back to Steve, who is now not wearing any glasses. He is not holding them, nor are they on the coffee table.

Correction: He is holding his glasses. You can see them as he gets the last spring roll.

Sex and the country - S4-E9

Corrected entry: When Samantha decides to go proposition the Farmer next door, Carrie asks her, "What are you up to, Sam Jone?" Only she says, 'Jone' singular, not 'Jones' plural as it's supposed to be.


Barbara Ann

Correction: She actually says 'Sammy Jo'.



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