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Sex and the City (1998)

4 mistakes in Running with scissors

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Running with scissors - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: When Carrie is in Big's kitchen, and hears Natasha come home, she tries to leave in a hurry. She puts on her blue levi jacket, so it's about halfway on with her left arm in the sleeve. But in the next shot of her, Carrie is suddenly wearing only her pink bra and carrying the blue jacket. As she unlocks the door and starts running down the stairs, she throws on the blue levi jacket for the second time. (00:25:15)

Running with scissors - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: When Samantha is in the waiting room to get her results for the AIDS test; the wide shot shows two women seated in the orange chairs on the left. One of them has a pony tail and glasses. A man with dark hair is also seated in the chairs on the right. But when we see the waiting room again right before Samantha faints; only one woman is seated in the orange chairs on the left, and the woman with the pony tail and glasses has moved down, and over to the far yellow chairs on the left. There is also a second man in a blue shirt seated closer to Samantha, in the chairs on the right. This entire scene occurred in seconds; and there was no time for anyone to have gotten up, sat down or moved locations. (00:18:50)

Running with scissors - S3-E11

Revealing mistake: When Samantha and her partner are using the 'swing,' you can tell from the long shot that Kim Cattrall is actually wearing some sort of prosthetic around her hips, to simulate her rear area. It is larger, and sticks out prominently in an unnatural manner. This was probably done to ensure modesty for the actress. (00:22:30)

Running with scissors - S3-E11

Continuity mistake: When Carrie and Mr. Big are having their affair in the 3rd hotel; it is located on 56th & 8th, and is described as being a 'seedy location'. When you see the inside of the hotel room, it is obviously a very cheap, tacky hotel. But later in the episode when Carrie and Mr. Big are in the lobby of this same hotel on 56th & 8th (verified in voice over); it is obviously the lobby of a much nicer, elegant, more expensive hotel. (00:02:05 - 00:19:30)

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