Trivia: Creator Don Mancini has said that the series will be taking heavy tonal and stylistic cues from the film "Child's Play 2," as that entry in the series is considered a fan favorite. This includes basing Chucky's look on the design seen in that film, as opposed to redesigns from later films in the series.


Trivia: The show's main character is a gay teenager named Jake who is bullied and mistreated. Chucky's creator Don Mancini has stated that Jake is partially inspired by his own upbringing, as he realised he was gay as a teenager and dealt with some similar issues growing up. (Albeit, he obviously didn't deal with a supernaturally possessed doll.) Mancini has also stated that Chucky is meant to be a metaphor for childhood bullying in the series, as he mistreats and manipulates Jake.


Trivia: Serves as a direct continuation of the original film series, and ignores the 2019 reboot.


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