Kyaputen Tsubasa

Kyaputen Tsubasa (1983)

5 audio problems in season 2

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Starring: Arihiro Hase

Genres: Animated, Drama, Family, Sport

Season 2 generally

Audio problem: In the Italian dub, starting with the match against Musashi FC ("Mambo FC"), Nankatsu's goalkeeper changes all of a sudden last name, from Alan Crocker to Alan Parker.

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I Can't Play - S2-E7

Audio problem: Yayoi knocks down the Nankatsu flag by accident. She puts it back in planting it in the soft grassy ground...with a clunking noise. (00:07:25)

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Kick-Off for the Future - S1-E3

Trivia: International versions change Roberto's message to his coach at San Paulo FC, adding for some reason that he met a girl he fell in love with. This girl is never referenced nor appears, since, well, she does not exist? Roberto mentions that he met Tsubasa instead, who he wants to bring to greatness. (00:12:40)

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