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Factual error: The show, which is set in California in 1947, mentions the gas chamber, lethal injection and the electric chair as methods of execution in the state. Two murderers are sentenced to death by lethal injection and one is depicted being instead executed in the electric chair, which the governor states has been brought out of retirement for the occasion. In fact, California adopted the gas chamber as its sole method of execution in 1937 (having previously used hanging). Lethal injection was not used in the United States at all until 1982 and not adopted in California until 1993 (becoming the prime method in 1996). California has never used the electric chair.


Angel of Mercy: Part Two - S1-E4

Character mistake: When Lenore Osgood is speaking on the phone with Charles Wainwright about killing Dr. Hanover, she mispronounces "Larynx" as "Lar-nix."


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