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Lupin III (2015)

2 factual errors in The Left Hand of the Magician

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The Left Hand of the Magician - S1-E5

Factual error: Interviewing the circus crowd, Lupin talks with a guy that is counting a bunch of 5 euro banknotes. The notes lack serial numbers, but even if we consider okay the lack of detail in such a tight close-up where they bothered to reproduce with pretty good precision the rest of the filigree, they surely are shaped wrong, being at least a 30% wider than an actual 5 € note. (00:06:40)

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The Left Hand of the Magician - S1-E5

Factual error: The contract signed towards the end is written with the wrong characters - it is missing accents on vowels that require it in Italian "è stabilito", "così." (00:19:15)

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Season 1 generally

Factual error: Every episode in the first half of this series begins with the same phrase and the same map of the Italian peninsula. Said map though misspells, in a very Japanese way, the north-eastern city of Trento, wrongly appearing as Torento. (00:00:01)

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