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Episode Title Mistakes
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2Independence Day0
3Comrades in Arms0
4Identity Crisis0
5None the Wiser0
6No Matter the Cost0
7The Elopement0
8Family Affair0
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11And the Nurses Get Screwed0
12Rude Awakenings and the Raptor0
13Run, Doctor, Run0
14Total Eclipse of the Heart0
Season 2
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2The Prince & The Pauper0
3Three Words0

Emergency Contact - S2-E18

Factual error: After Dr. Austin directs the anesthesiologist to urgently start phentolamine intravenously to address the patient's hypertensive crisis on the operating room table, the anesthesiologist is seen quickly rolling the clamp on the line, purportedly to make it run faster. The clamp however is being rolled in the direction to close off line's flow. (00:20:20)

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