Cobra Kai
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Suggested correction: Daniel lives far away. Johnny must have driven all night.

That implies that Daniel lives like 5-6 hours from his job.

I actually assumed that it was already like 6am or something like that and knowing how sprawled our everything is there figured maybe it was like a 40 min drive. But then Daniel's wife also says it's Saturday morning yet Miguel and Sam are in school.

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Strike First - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: During the pool party where Sam is hanging out with Yasmine and Moon, the way that Yasmine holds her cup changes between shots. She's holding it high in one shot but then low in the next.

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Feel the Night - S3-E9

Trivia: Daniel stumbles in on his daughter kissing Miguel. He then suggests to her he would like that they the door open, to which his daughter replies "come on dad, it's not 1984." The original Karate Kid was released in 1984.


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Answer: Because despite whatever unresolved issues there are between them, he still cares about his son, and probably hopes for reconciliation one day.

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