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1 mistake in Pulpo

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Pulpo - S2-E9

Continuity mistake: When Sam and Tory are at the party, they both get two shots of vodka in the purple cup. Tory drinks the vodka, but after a while the vodka reappears.

Feel the Night - S3-E9

Trivia: Daniel stumbles in on his daughter kissing Miguel. He then suggests to her he would like that they the door open, to which his daughter replies "come on dad, it's not 1984." The original Karate Kid was released in 1984.


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Show generally

Question: I've never seen the show so an explanation would really help. Why would Johnny open up his own Cobra Kai dojo? Since there was probably a lot of negative publicity due to how Kreese taught his students and how he attacked Johnny, a lot of people probably wouldn't go to a dojo synonymous with brutality but maybe to a dojo that taught karate the way it should be learned.

Answer: Just like in the original film, some guys want that brutality. Johnny in part opens the dojo because of his past rivalry with Daniel and to train a kid that's being bullied. But also, other kids that are being bullied want to join in order to learn to fight back. Johnny is also teaching the Cobra Kai creed (Strike First. Strike hard. No Mercy.") so that's why he opens his dojo with that name and the old Cobra Kai dojo's past reputation is exactly what he wants to elicit.


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