Timeless (2016)

3 mistakes in season 2

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The King of the Delta Blues - S2-E6

Character mistake: "Are you going to send in the calvary?" is said twice. It should be "cavalry".


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Suggested correction: So the character knew they were supposed to say "cavalry" instead of "calvary"? For all we know, that person was pronouncing it wrong their entire life, along with many other people in the world who do not know the difference between the two words.


Both characters used the word "calvery." Clearly a mistake.

The King of the Delta Blues - S2-E6

Other mistake: We see a character get shot and falling forward with back arched, as if the shot came from behind. Moments later we see the shooter and the shot came from the front.



The King of the Delta Blues - S2-E6

Character mistake: A character tells a warrior, "Your 8 [o'clock]!" It is really the warrior's 2 o'clock.



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