MacGyver (2016)

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Season 1
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1 The Rising 0
2 Metal Saw 0
3 Awl 0
4 Wire Cutter 0
5 Toothpick 0
6 Wrench 0
7 Can Opener 0
8 Corkscrew 0
9 Chisel 0
10 Pliers 0
11 Scissors 0
12 Screwdriver 0
13 Large Blade 0
14 Fish Scaler 0
15 Magnifying Glass 0
16 Hook 0
17 Ruler 0
18 Flashlight 0

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Scenes are in Puerto Rico, but the little girl looks Mexican and speaks with a Mexican accent. The guitarist was playing Cuban songs. And building codes in PR require concrete and concrete block structures for new construction, not wood, tar paper, and shingles. Wrong patrol cars, too. Real ones actually say "San Juan Police Department", not San Juan Policia. And they only use blue lights, never red. SWAT teams are part of the State Police, not SJPD, and legitimate trucks say "Special Weapons and Tactics" across the top and then POLICIA below.