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Soccer + Desi + Merchant + Titan - S4-E5

Other mistake: A spectator has a vuvuzela in his hand. This is a horn that emits a very loud monotone. It is common at soccer matches where he is. But what is he doing with it? He is looking through it as if it were a telescope. (00:32:05)


Kid + Plane + Cable + Truck - S4-E3

Factual error: A US Pilot's License is shown. It is pretty much all wrong. Salient among the errors is that US Pilot's Licenses do not have a picture. The nationality should be USA not America. They are green fading to white, and not blue. It does not have a hologram of the FAA seal. The signature on the front is that of the pilot and not the FAA Administrator. I realise that it would be improper to show an actual license on a TV show, but this is so far off as to be ludicrous. (00:02:20)


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