The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Strike Up the Band - S3-E1

Corrected entry: When Midge is doing her skit for the soldiers she is pretending to read articles off a magazine. Yet instead of flipping the magazine, she is swiping as if reading off a smartphone.

Correction: "Swiping" is not specific to smartphones or computer tablets. People often do this to speed through books, magazines, or documents, often by slightly moistening the index fingertip, rather than individually turning pages. Midge is pantomiming this her act, so her action is naturally a bit exaggerated for effect.

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How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? - S4-E8

Lenny: What are you wearing?
Midge: I'm wearing my show corset.
Lenny: You have a show corset?
Midge: Yes.
Lenny: How is this different from, say, your dentist corset?
Midge: It's much more likely to suffocate me. It's also prettier.
Lenny: Yep. It's always the pretty ones who try to kill you.

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Season 4 generally

Trivia: Jackie, the Gaslight manager, dies suddenly in Season 4. This was written into the plot due to the real-life death of Brian Tarantina, the actor who portrayed Jackie.

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