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Corrected entry: The chariots are electric vehicles (they need to recharge in the sunlight), but they have rev counters. Electric vehicles don't have a rev counter, and even if they did, an electric motor moving the wheels at 9000 rpm would cause the car to move at a ridiculous speed.

Correction: Supposition: we don't know what the future's technology will bring, so mechanical improvements are certainly within possibility.

David R Turner

Regardless of any mechanical improvements, an electric motor spinning the wheels of a vehicle at 9,000 RPM (assuming the wheel's circumference is 1 meter as an understatement), the chariot would be moving at 150 m/s or 500 km/h. The specified in the show that they move at about 35 mph.

You're also entirely discounting the idea of gearing, as used in conventional engines. Without knowing the schematics and internal workings, we can't assume that the electric motor (s) are directly connected to the wheels as they are in modern electric vehicles.

Jon Sandys Premium member

It would appear you two are arguing apples and oranges. If the rev counter is measuring rotations of some undefined motor function, then gearing could make a difference. If, as the original comment states, it is measuring wheel rotation, then that would be post-gearing and the speed issue would be correct.

Looking at the dash board it has two gauges, RPM and Km/H. Also a "4W" "Diff Lock" "H4" indicators, from what I have seen so far about the tech crew of this production, they lack "tech." Those indicators are for standard single engine 4WD. I would say no attempt has been made, when designing the chariot prop, for any proper electric vehicle technology to be researched. Eg, 4 wheel motors.

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