United States of Tara

You Becoming You - S2-E4

Continuity mistake: In season one, Tara's neighbor Don's backyard was shown in the episode "Transition" - it had a patio and in-ground pool. This episode show's Don's backyard again when Tara and Max have sex, and it's completely different, indicating the scenes were filmed in different locations. Most noticeable is the fact that the in-ground-pool and patio are missing and the fences are different, with plants having grown all over them. While some time has passed since it was last seen, dialog in this season indicates that Don hasn't made any changes to the house or property in years, plus the fact that removing a pool and patio are relatively long and laborious processes, so the backyard should not look as fully developed as it does even if he did somehow remove them and replace the fence in the meantime.


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Tara is sitting at her desk and tells Max they will have sex the following night, and she teases him that she "Might even bring some props." Right as she says this line, the camera cuts. In the first shot, she has one pencil in each hand, but in the second shot, suddenly both pencils are in her left hand. The position of her hands changes between cuts as well.



Despite the series being a critical darling and winning a number of prestigious awards, it was quietly cancelled during its third season in 2011, and network Showtime never gave a reason why the plug was pulled. Star Toni Collette has stated as recently as 2017 that she was still frustrated that the show had been cancelled, as she loved the series and the cast and thought it would have gone on at least a few more seasons.