Forward Motion & Frat Life - S2-E1

Character mistake: In the last episode of Season 1, Rosewood is looking at the autopsy notes from Eddie's death and it says that he was 32. But, in Season 2, Episode 1, when he is looking at his board he made about Eddie's death, an article says he was 28.

Silkworms y Silencio - S1-E17

Character mistake: Rosie and Villa may be at the pinnacle of their respective careers, but neither knows squat about cars. Villa identifies the burned out hulk of a Pontiac as a '71 Lemans, when it is obviously a '70. Then Rosie has the gall to disparage a '69 GTO as a lemon, when everybody and his brother prefers the 69 over its predecessor, to the tune of more than $10K.


Show generally

Character mistake: In an early episode, Villa mentions Rosewood's "banana colored" '69 GTO to his then girlfriend. Rosewood's GTO is a "banana colored" '68 GTO.


Trivia: Lorraine Toussaint is only 9 years older than Morris Chestnut, who plays her son.

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